How many long/sessions will I need?

It's hard to say, most people benefit from 1-12 sessions, but a lot of my clients come for longer as it is so worthwhile - just like exercise is to fitness. I offer 1.5 hour sessions, and 50 min sessions, the choice is yours, trauma therapies are best being 1.5 hours. 

Is Trauma Therapy like counselling or CBT? 

Therapy with me is nothing like CBT, and it's only a bit like counselling. The therapies that I provide are 'doing' therapies which are interactive, they tend to go very deep, and be very healing to trauma. Don't worry I'm here to guide you through. If you want counselling then we can do more of that and integrate other methods when necessary. 

Do you have to know what the problem is?

No, a lot of people just don't know, some do.  A lot of people come initially because of feeling, situation, or some kind of symptom.

How do I see you?

I usually have a waiting list, go to my booking page and that will let you know there: www.trauma-therapy.co.uk/book

What is the cost?

Sessions are from £80.00 per 50 minute session, and from £140.00 for 1.5 hours (depending on the time), all fees are on the booking page.

Will you tell anyone?

In short no. The sessions are confidential, unless you are a high risk to yourself or others, especially a child. I have private professional supervision with another psychotherapist. I will discuss aspects of your case, but I ensure you're anonymous.